How to Make Your Event a Fundraiser


 UAH is incredibly grateful for your support and engagement. In order to continue to improve and spread our movement, we politely ask for you to advertise our donation options at your UAH group event. Below are a series of ways you can contribute to our fundraising efforts:

#1 Voluntary Donation Options

  • UAH recommends that you promote “Text to Donate” which allows people to electronically make donations. (Text “STOPHATE” to 443-21)

  • Create a UAH donation box for attendees to give cash donations at events

  • Advertise our website to make a donation

#2: Pre-Event Donations

You also have the option to elevate your event by creating a donation through ticket sales. For example, if you are hosting a poetry slam or tribute concert, you can provide tickets for $5 and the ticket money could go towards UAH funding.

As the event organizer, you are able to create events with ticket fees through Eventbrite or charge attendees at the entrance of your event.

Thanks for your support!