20 Ideas for Action


Individual Actions

#1: Hang a UAH Poster/Create a poster distribution center

#2: Speak Up/Hold a conversation

#3: Make a UAH banner

#4: Gather friends, co-workers, classmates to practice standing up to bigoted remarks or hate speech, in person or online

#5: Post and promote UAH Week on social media

Group Actions

#6: Film screening & discussion (Not in Our Town offers free films. Browse films.)

#7: UAH-themed book list for book clubs, libraries and schools

#8: Candlelight vigil

#9: UAH game night

#10: Dedicate a peace object

#11: Hold a unity walk

#12: UAH-themed sports game or 10k run

#13: Organize a student march/rally

#14: Ask local artists to contribute works with a stop hate or pro-inclusion theme for an exhibit in a public space

#15: Host a poetry slam

#16: Organize a tribute concert to raise awareness and possibly funds for UAH or victims of hate crimes

#17: Host a facilitated intervention training to practice speaking up & standing up to hate

#18: Organize a "teach-in" or a panel of community leaders, professors or subject experts to discuss the latest hate crime statistics

#19: Create a UAH-themed community potluck

#20: Convene faith leaders to discuss joint actions to respond to hate

Remind all participants in your events to use the hashtag: #UnitedAgainstHateWeek when they post about activities on social media.

Ready to Plan Your Event?